Looking For Stone Flooring in Northern Virginia?

Stone Flooring, Oak's Floors Inc

Northern Virginia stone flooring comes in a variety of colors and textures from Oak's Floor. You’ll find that stone flooring has a built-in type of permanency that is not very common in all floor types.

Stone flooring is suitable for all types of rooms inside your home. Stone only improves over time. Most floors depreciate over time needing replaced, but that’s not the case with stone flooring. It’s a natural stone that will last forever.

Even pro-historic houses look modern with stone flooring. After thousands of year, the flooring still stands. It will acquire its own patina over time. This will add to the character of it. Only natural stone has a beauty like so.

Your stone floor will hold up for centuries as long as it’s well taken care of. Simple maintenance is needed for this flooring. A sweeper and a mop are all that you’ll need to protects its natural beauty and bring a shine to it that will show off your reflection.

Different types of Northern Virginia stone flooring:

  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Granite

if you’re looking for beautiful flooring, marble is the best choice. The downfall to stone flooring is that it scratches easily and breaks. You mainly see stone flooring around bathrooms and fireplaces. Due to its porousness of stone flooring, the flooring needs to be sealed periodically.

Sealant for your new stone flooring should be during the installation or afterwords. All stone flooring creates such a natural beauty in your home. Slate, marble, limestone and granite all are great stones. Call Oak's Floor for more details.

If you live in a home that always seems to be warmer in than it is outside, stone flooring would make a great addition to your home as it really never gets warm. Stone is such a dense material that takes a very long time to warm up.

Allergens are never a problem with stone flooring. Stone flooring does not hide any dirt or dander that comes from pets and poor air quality. The great news is that you don’t have to live with that anymore. Get rid of the carpeting in your home and have stone flooring installed.

If you don’t realize how much of a selection that you’ll have with stone flooring, then think again. Call Oak's Floor for more information on how you can take advantage of our installation service. You’ll appreciate stone flooring because it was meant for you.

Don’t miss out on Northern Virginia stone flooring. Contact the flooring specialists at Oak's Floor and your home will be well on its way to looking beautiful.

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