Fairfax Marble Flooring Care Tips

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If you are still in the market for flooring and are considering Fairfax marble flooring then there are some things you should know about taking care of it. Or, of course, if this is the type of flooring you already have then you should certainly find out all there is to know. For one thing you have to use caution even to choosing the right cleaning products you purchase.

There are products made especially for this type of floor. That is because it has the right amount of pH and will not dull or eat away at this expensive and beautiful floor material choice. If you would like to take care of the cleaning yourself there are a few steps to follow.

Cool, clean water should be put in a bucket and then the right type of detergent or soap stone liquid should be added. Your detergent choice should be near neutral pH (around 7). You can use your regular mop to clean with this solution. After it is thoroughly dry you may then take care of scuff marks as needed.

Prevention Methods

In order to keep your floor clean a great practice is to try to avoid enabling it to get very dirty in the first place. This technique will also help you to prevent the higher potential for damages. For one thing make it a point to have a large welcome mat at any and all entrances from the exterior of the home to the marble flooring. Make sure snow boots stay here; salt can pit and dissolve marble.

Another thing is to opt not to use this as your flooring for food prep areas. If you want marble in the kitchen consider it as counters or for accents. But if you simply must have marble on your floor protect it by making use of rugs under food prep and eating areas. This is also a poor flooring choice for areas where animals will be; their claws can scratch the surface.

How to Learn More

One of the best ways to learn what you need to for your Fairfax flooring is to only work with a reputable company that will offer you guidance before making important choices. At Oak’s Floor that is exactly how we do business. We like to educate our customers about flooring options so they make the smartest decisions possible.

This also means helping them understand the level of care and maintenance that will be required and how to do so. For all of your Fairfax marble flooring questions let our team be the one you turn to.

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