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There is an Alexandria flooring company out there that offers stone flooring. Oak's Floor can provide you with that type of floor. There is lots to know about stone flooring such as it’s density and looks. We do all types of flooring installations at Oak's Floor.

Alexandria Hardwood Flooring

If you knew that you could rid your home of allergens would you do it? Of course you would. That will eliminate your headaches and cause your children to breather a lot better. We will assist in making the indoor air quality better in your home.

On average, we breathe in about 3,400 gallons of air every day. This creates a problem as air pollution thickens over time. You’ll need a good indoor type of flooring that’s resistant to allergens. Hardwood flooring can be that floor.

Hardwood floors offer a look like no other flooring as they bring out the natural beauty of wood. If you currently have carpeting, then have hardwoods installed and you’ll immediately notice the difference as the two are extreme opposites.

Alexandria Carpet Flooring

Finding the best type of flooring for your home can be stressful. There is lots to choose from and the styles are all different. It makes the task almost like a nightmare, but never fear…Oak's Floor is here to the rescue.

We want to become your Alexandria flooring company to go to when you want quality flooring installed. Don’t go with another who only makes empty promises. Go with the professionals who have 13 years of experience.

Our highly trained staff will help you pick out which is best for you. We’ll match your carpeting to your personality. Let your home define who you are. You’ll love that your carpeting is an extension of yourself.

Alexandria Tile Flooring

When it comes to flooring types, tile flooring is a great option. Tiles go back many of centuries and are still a big seller today. It should tell you something whenever tiles were uses thousands of year ago and are still around today.

Not only are they a popular type of flooring material, but they have an adaptability factor to them. This is one of the major reasons why tile is still a big seller. You can lay tile basically anywhere in your home. Kitchens, bathroom, and living areas look so much better when tile is involved. Be creative with your tiles by calling Oak's Floor.

There is one thing that you’ll want to know about your Alexandria flooring company and that’s they will do anything in their power to deliver you the very best in flooring options.

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On Par

"The service was on par. He did a great job and stayed pretty much to whole day to install our family room floor with wood. Removed all the carpet and discarded them himself. He moved all the furniture (my husband helped) and did a pro job on the floor. We did detect that a section of the floor was moving too much when walking on it (it was a floating floor), he came back immediately and came up with a viable solution (poking tiny holes and injecting glue between the new flooring and the concrete underneath which had a little dip in that area which caused the floor to move too much). The solution worked to our satisfaction. Great job!"




Overall Rating: 5/5

Zareh | Alexandria, VA


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